Wholesome chicken is main ingredient. Specially formulated for less litter box waste and odor. Outstanding nutrition starts with wholesome ingredients. Real chicken for high-quality protein, naturally provides taurine. Every kibble of Iams Kitten Food starts with wholesome, nutrient-rich chicken to nourish growing muscles, body systems, skin and coat. This high-quality chicken protein is easy on the digestive system. As a result, your kitten gets all of the essential amino acids needed to grow up healthy, including taurine for clear eyes and a strong heart. Easy-to-digest carbohydrates, patented fiber system for colon health. Iams Kitten Food contains select, wholesome carbohydrates your kitten needs to fuel growth. These carbohydrates are carefully processed for easy digestion. At Iams, we select a blend of whole-grain carbohydrates that also help maintain normal blood sugar levels throughout the day. In addition, fiber is an important part of a balanced diet. Only Iams Kitten Food has a special, patented fiber system to help keep your kitten's digestive system healthy. Energy for life. Fat is an important source of the essential energy your kitten needs for playing, jumping and vital functions. Fat also plays an important role in the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. While people try to avoid fat in their diets, cats actually need a higher level of fat to achieve optimal health, especially during growth. Unlike people, cats do not suffer from heart disease resulting from high cholesterol. All Iams Cat Foods help your cat thrive with appropriate levels of this essential nutrient. Iams Kitten Food for a healthy start. 100% complete and balanced nutrition, calcium for strong bones and teeth. The nutritionists and veterinarians at Iams have spent more than 50 years researching the best combinations of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to help pets grow up healthy and active. When you feed Iams every day, you can be sure your kitten receives all the nutrients needed, including calcium, vitamins A, C, E and taurine, for overall health and well-being. Easy for your kitten to chew and digest. Your kitten has high growth and energy demands, but a small stomach. As a result, it is important to feed a food that is packed with as much high-quality nutrition as possible. Iams Kitten Food is nutrient-dense with a special Y shaped kibble that is easy for kittens to chew. Since the wholesome, quality ingredients in Iams Kitten Food have been carefully selected for easy digestion, your kitten can absorb the nutrients easily. That means you can be confident more nutrition stays in your kitten for proper growth and vitality. And all Iams Cat Foods are formulated for less litter box waste and odor, something both you and your kitten will appreciate. Guaranteed taste, natural preservative system, no artificial colors or flavors. The high-quality ingredients in Iams Kitten Food provide great taste your kitten is guaranteed to love, or your money back. Because the Iams Company cares about your kitten, we use a Natural Preservative System with no artificial colors or flavors. Animal feeding tests using Association of American Feed Control Officials' procedures substantiate that Iams Kitten Formula provides complete and balanced nutrition for gestation, lactation and growth.