Oak Point Fresh Market began with John and Carmel Sumich who have worked alongside each
other in the grocery business for over 40 years. The stores have a rich history, brought on by the
hard work of Matthew & Willie Sumich, who opened the first Delta Food Mart in Buras, Louisiana in the
early 1950s. These days, their locations in Watson and Central have warmed the hearts and
filled the bellies of many locals.

The love they receive from the community is what inspires the Sumich family to fully invest
themselves in their stores and support others. With their love of God and the gift of charity, they
continuously support and partner with schools, churches, civic organizations, and nonprofits in
Greater Baton Rouge and Livingston Parish.

These markets have proven themselves to be more than run-of-the-mill grocery stores, they are
a cornerstone of love and convenience, offering shelves continuously stocked to provide
shoppers with an amazing selection and the freshest products around. To make shopping even
easier and time-saving while building new relationships with customers, the Oak Point Fresh
Market app allows shoppers to view sales and start online grocery orders for both grocery
pickup and delivery.

In a pinch, their quick ready-to-eat or easy-to-prepare meals for the family include butcher-cut
specialty meats, meal solutions, farm fresh produce, hibachi, sushi, salad bars, and hot bars.
With Mardi Gras season just around the corner, the Sumich family entreats you to sink your
teeth into their many unique award-winning king cake flavors, perfected by over 35 years of
baking experience.

All in all, Oak Point Fresh Market believes shopping shouldn’t be a chore; shopping should be a
pleasure. Carried through these generations of grocers are a strong sense of community, love
for God, family, and good food.

These beliefs are what truly make their stores places you will
“love where you shop”!

Oak Point Fresh Market is owned and operated by the Sumich Family which has operated in the supermarket industry since 1956 with its first store in Buras, La which was located at the beginning of the Mississippi River Delta. Our Oak Point Fresh Market location is 30,000 sq ft of super market shopping delight that opened in August of 2006. It is owned by John and Carmel Sumich who have operated Delta Food Mart in Buras for 25 years. It is managed by the 3rd generation on the Sumich family Jonathan and Joshua Sumich.

John’s father and mother Matthew and Willie Sumich began the supermarket business in Buras in 1956 and started the tradition of friendly service and quality products and strong community pride. Our stores have always been a focal meeting point for families and friends. We have always been an involved partner in the positive growth of our community and we always recognize the highest calling of our Christian Faith and Love sharing it with all.

We are proud of our Fresh Market in Watson & Central and pledge to our community to provide the shopping experience our customers deserve and have already come to expect to “Love Where You Shop.”
We have been a proud member of Associated Grocers of Baton Rouge since 1984. We are also the operators of Delta Food Mart of Buras, La and Cypress Point Fresh Market of Patterson, La.

God Bless,
The Sumich Family
Jonathan, Lindsey, Joshua, Summer, John, and Carmel