Kraft | BBQ Sauce, Sweet & Spicy

Kraft Sweet and Spicy Slow-Simmered Barbecue Sauce and Dip uses a new recipe, but continues to deliver the delicious flavor that your household craves. The conveniently sized bottle easily fits into the fridge until its time to reach for the BBQ sauce for pulled pork or chicken wings. Each serving has 0 grams of trans fat. This vinegar based BBQ sauce features a tried-and-true blend of chipotle chili pepper, garlic, onion and paprika for a spicy flavor with a hint of sweetness. Spread this sauce across baby back ribs while theyre sizzling on the grill, or use this tangy BBQ sauce to spice up mouthwatering pulled pork. This 18 oz. bottle features a twist top for easy opening and to preserve bold flavors.