Food Club | Chicken Broth, 33% Less Sodium

Recipe favorites - making any meal delicious is easy. Try some of these quick & easy tips from our kitchens. Fat-free sundried tomatoes: soak dry-pack sundried tomatoes in hot chicken broth. Add the mixture to salads and pasta dishes. Leftovers: moisten your dry leftovers with chicken broth instead of water. Pasta: add chicken broth to any pasta. Season to taste with garlic. Chicken: for flavorful, moist chicken, simmer chicken breasts in chicken broth instead of water. Pesto sauce: mix basil leaves, grated parmesan cheese, garlic and chicken broth. Toss with pasta or use on chicken or fish. Pizza: brush prepared pizza shell lightly with chicken broth before adding your favorite toppings. Homemade soups: don't forget - for perfectly flavored homemade soups, always start with chicken broth! **Regular food club chicken broth contains 860mg sodium per serving. This product contains 570mg sodium per serving. †Yeast extract contains naturally occurring glutamates. No msg† added And 33% less sodium** Ready to serve