ReaLemon | 100% Lemon Juice

When you’re looking for a splash of lemon or lime juice, nothing beats ReaLemon and ReaLime. Made with 100% lemon and lime juice from concentrate, you get the benefit of the great taste of real juice without the hassle of cutting into fresh lemons or limes. First introduced in Chicago in 1934 by Irving Swartzburg, ReaLemon and ReaLime have been trusted brands that deliver only the highest quality of lemon and lime juice. ReaLemon and ReaLime are space-saving kitchen sidekicks, ideal for adding a delicious twist of lemon or lime to your favorite seafood and poultry recipes. Although they’re both great for use in a variety of marinades, they have their unique uses as well. Use ReaLemon to brighten up both hot and cold beverages or use ReaLime to add a bright splash of flavor to salads and dressings. When you want the real taste of real lemon or lime, simply reach for ReaLemon and ReaLime.