Eckrich | Olive Loaf

Eckrich Sliced Olive Loaf serves up a classic deli meat option that's ready to eat for quick, convenient meals and snacks. Made without by-products, this olive loaf lunch meat offers a wholesome gluten free and soy free option with no artificial colors or flavors to work with your dietary needs. Sliced pimento olives and signature seasonings give this deli meat a rich, distinct taste that makes your packed lunch or quick meals at home flavorful and fun. Pair this Eckrich olive loaf with lettuce, tomatoes and other favorite sandwich toppings for a gourmet deli experience at home, or enjoy a slice on its own when you need a savory snack to tide you over until dinner. The sliced olives make this deli olive loaf look great on a deli meat platter at your next party. Sealed packaging keeps this olive loaf fresh until you use it and peels open easily for quick access.