Pasta and garlic shrimp, asparagus and cherry tomatoes in white wine sauce. Since 1865. Skillet prepared in 9 minutes. Made with 2 servings of vegetables & extra virgin olive oil. Inspired by the naturally lighter-tasting cuisine of the Mediterranean. On the sun-kissed Mediterranean coast of Southern Italy, the cuisine is more than simply delicious - it's restaurant quality food prepared with ingredients like extra virgin olive oil and wholesome sun-ripened vegetables. Only Bertolli, at the heart of Italian cooking and eating since 1865, can bring you this level of restaurant quality and taste. (2 servings of vegetables per portion. 2 portions per package. US Dietary Guidelines recommend 5 servings of vegetables per day [1 serving = 1/2 cup]). Relax and enjoy this delicious Mediterranean recipe. Succulent shrimp and penne pasta cooked al dente are paired with asparagus and whole cherry tomatoes. This recipe is finished in a flavorful yet lighter-tasting sauce made the Mediterranean way: simmered with white wine, garlic, and the goodness of extra virgin olive oil.