Snickers Bar, Milk Chocolate

Don't make a rookie mistake, buy enough SNICKERS chocolate candy bars to go around. Your favorite NFL team not scoring? Can’t score a ticket to Monday night’s football game? Is your fantasy football on a losing streak? Sounds like you just need a SNICKERS candy bar. Rich milk chocolate, roasted peanuts, fluffy nougat and sweet caramel are the ingredients for the ultimate vibe needed for enjoying your Sunday night football game through your Thursday night football game. So what if your favorite team didn’t make it to the Super Bowl. A SNICKERS chocolate bar will make it so much easier to enjoy the game. Whether you are tailgating on a crisp Autumn day or watching the game live with a few friends at home; keep a snack platter of SNICKERS candy bars close at hand. You never know who might need a pick-me up during the Super Bowl game. Be ahead of the big football game and order your SNICKERS chocolates today.