Reese's Caramel Big Cup 1.4 Oz

Get ready to taste perfection! You can't beat the old-fashioned, match-made-in-heaven when it comes to creamy milk chocolate combined with delicious peanut butter, now with a decadent caramel layer. REESE'S Big Cup caramel milk chocolate peanut butter cups are ready to be your go-to snack. Bring a few packs along to the next sporting event, party, movie marathon, game night and so many other activities for an extra bite of peanut butter and caramel goodness. Store a handful of packs in your pantry to easily slip into lunch boxes and purses for a midday surprise. These caramel peanut butter cup candies are a sweet delight that you can bite, break, dunk or nibble on. Yes! Dunk them into a cold glass of milk, a cup of hot chocolate or your coffee to experience the melty goodness. Put a unique twist on cookies, cupcakes and ice cream sundaes with whole, halved or crumbled REESE'S cups. These kosher certified and gluten free treats go well with almost everything, especially during your holiday celebrations. Add them to Christmas stockings, Halloween candy bowls, Valentine's Day gift bags and Easter baskets. Just don't forget to save a few REESE'S Big Cup caramel peanut butter cups for yourself!