Ice Breakers Mints, Spearmint

Goodbye bad breath, hello confident smile! Maintain fresh breath accompanied by a minty refreshing feeling with ICE BREAKERS spearmint flavored mints. These sugar free breath mints are packed with cooling spearmint flavor crystals and placed in a convenient tin, so you can keep your taste buds busy, no matter where the day takes you. Enjoy a crisp, smooth flavor with zero added sugar whenever you need a burst of freshness. Don't stop there! Keep a container in your desk drawer at the office, the glove compartment in your car and the pantry at home for instant minty refreshment anytime you or your loved ones need it. Feeling generous? It's easy to share this minty treat amongst friends, family and co-workers. Getting ready for a first date? Pop a mint in before the first hello! Need to wake up during long road trips? Get a burst of energy after the first chew. Each compact container of ICE BREAKERS breath mints will stay closed until you're ready, thanks to a handy snap-close lid, which can dispense just one mint if you're flying solo or several at a time if you're in the sharing mood. Just don't forget to save a few mints for yourself during all that sharing!