Del Monte Pineapple, Pinkglow 1 Ea

This product was made possible through bioengineering. Quality. Fresh Del Monte. Grown in Costa Rica. The jewel of the jungle. Ananas comosus. Your Treasure Has Arrived: By sea and land, Pinkglow arrives from afar and into your hands. Behold its radiant beauty as you slice into this sixteen-years-in-the-making creation. This elegantly packaged treat is perfect for transforming that pina colada into a pink-a colada, a centerpiece at your next party, or a gift to the person who will now truly have everything. We remove and replant each crown, sustainably cultivating the next crop of this majestic rarity. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. For more information about Del monte fresh produce contact: PO Box 149222, Coral Gables, FL 33114-9222. A rare treat indeed. Follow us for royal recipes: Please recycle this box. Product of Costa Rica.