Simply | Light, Lemonade

The undeniable, incomparable taste of lemonade brings you to hot summer days, cold glass pitchers and curbside lemonade stands. Luckily, Simply Light Lemonade has found the perfect balance of real, simple ingredients and the classic lemonade experience, which means you can enjoy lemonade with 75% less sugar and calories than our regular lemonade.* Non-GMO and made with real lemon juice, Simply Light Lemonade is still exactly what you want with every ice-cold glass, so youre not missing a thing. With Simply Light Lemonade, the difference is clear. Because with Simply, theres nothing to hide. *75% less sugar and calories than our regular lemonade. Calories: This product contains 25 calories. Simply Lemonade contains 120 calories. Sugar: This product contains 5g of sugar. Simply Lemonade contains 28g of sugar.