Soft. Delicious. Nutritious. 0 g trans fat. The calcium of 8 oz of milk + vitamin D in two slices. Calcium fortified enriched bread. Contains 25% more daily value of calcium than enriched bread. An American Classic. Wonder has been a delicious part of American meals for generations. Soft texture. Unbeatable taste. Wonder offers breads to satisfy every generation in your family. And our heritage of baking wholesome and nutritious breads continues today. Eating foods high in calcium helps kids build healthy bones and teeth as they grow and helps adults replace the calcium loss that naturally occurs as they age. Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium more efficiently. So whether you're young or young-at-heart, Wonder is an important part of your healthy diet. Good source of vitamin D. 25% less sodium than regular white bread. A 26 g serving of enriched bread contains 21 mg of calcium; Wonder calcium fortified enriched bread contains 152 mg of calcium. Based on USDA nutrition data a 26 g serving of white bread contains 133 mg of sodium. Wonder Classic contains 100 mg of sodium per 26 g (1 slice).